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Anxiety isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

For 20 years, I’ve been channeling mine into professional creativity.

Both advertising and literary art work for me as therapy sessions paid by brands and publishers. Great, isn’t it? 

When it comes to accomplishments in the literary art world, I’ve written the books ‘100 Things to do After You Die’ (Objetiva, 2012), 'Saravá Palavrá' (Boca, 2021), Portuguese Reconstitution (Penguin Books, 2022), 'Caderninho' (Caixa Alta, 2022); had my poetry published in several collections; written and starred

in the performance art Saravá Palavrá; already won the silver trophy in the Poetry Slam National Cup.

Talking about advertising, I started 20 years ago

in Brazil as a Copywriter,  spent 6 years leading

the Creative Direction of FCB Lisbon and for the past 4 months have been a Creative Director at

Grey NY.

Throughout my career, I’ve already channeled my anxiety into creating campaigns that were huge hits with consumers, clients, and awards juries. I was happy to be awarded at Cannes Lions (including

the first Portuguese Grand Prix and two bronzes), One Show, CLIO, EPICA, New York Festival, London International Festival, Eurobest, Mad Stars, El Ojo, CRESTA, ETC and ETC.  

But, I must tell you, nothing makes me prouder than my two kids: Bernardo and Maria.




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