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The Most Beautiful Sound


Thanks to a 2-year study in partnership with Grey, Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts General Hospital, the sound of cancer cells dying was captured for the first time in human history. It’s a sound that will bring hope to millions of cancer patients around the world. Hear more at:

My role: CD/Copywriter

CCO: Tim Jones, Graham Drew

GCD: Guy Bricio, Laura Potuceck, Josh Eastman

CD: Erica Gale

ACDs: Sttenio Costa, Darian Momanaee, Jake Silverman

Film production: BRO Cinema

Audio Production: Canja Audio Culture

Board MBS Cannes.png
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In the radio spot of the campaign, I used my poet side to write a spoken word copy that navigates

through the stressful sounds patients have to go through in their cancer journey. All leads to a clímax,

which is the unbelievable sound of a cancer cell dying, the most beautiful sound a patient can hear. 


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